Letter of the law


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Letter of the law

Oakland County a frontline in the battle against medical marijuana

By Larry Gabriel

Published: May 4, 2011


Oakland County continues to be one of the toughest battlefronts around medical marijuana in the state. There seem to be more high-profile cases around the issue there because County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and County Sheriff Mike Bouchard have decided to take on medical marijuana in a very high-profile manner. But maybe they’re just taking cues from the head guy. Last week, during a Michigan Town Hall Meeting in Troy, sponsored by the Oakland Press and cablecast on CMNtv, County Executive L. Brooks Patterson appeared via video saying, “That medical marijuana law is the worst piece of legislation I’ve ever seen.”

That doesn’t sound like someone who wants to make things any easier on medical marijuana patients than he has to — which brings us to the case of Barb Agro.


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