FreePress: Schuette Wages War Against The People’s Law

If there’s anything Bill Schuette has established in his first year as Michigan’s attorney general — besides an appetite for media attention rivaling that of Sarah Palin or Geoffrey Fieger — it’s that he won’t stand for the federal government to trample on the rights of the people of Michigan.

Unless, or course, the right in question is one that Michigan’s top law enforcement official never cared for in the first place. In which case any pretext for ignoring, circumventing or violating the state law that guarantees it is welcome.

I speak, of course, of Schuette’s maniacal campaign to single-handedly repeal the Medical Marijuana Act that Michigan voters adopted in 2008 — by a considerably wider margin (63%-37%), it should be noted, than Schuette enjoyed in his own victory (53%-42%) over a weak Democratic opponent two years later.  For more info:



  1. Good explanation. I like to see clearly Marcy Lu

  2. Bill is hell bent on makeing himself a one term wonder.

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