H.B. 5104 and S.B. 660 pass the House of Representatives

Now H.B. 5104 passed with 100 yes votes. This one is known as the Extract Bill or Carruthers Bill.  It passed by the 3/4 necessary to amend the MMMA to undo a radical Court of Appeals Opinion, Carruthers, which had outlawed medibles made of extract, and all extract mixtures, including Rick Simpson-type Oil treatment for cancer.  This is a testament to the leadership of Matthew Abel, JD, Cannabis Counsel PLC Founder, Director of Michigan NORML, and Lifetime Member of NORML NLC, MINORML, along with ASA, NPRA, Kevin McKinney, Robin Schneider et al, John Targowski, Tim Beck, Chuck Ream, Kevin Spitler, Nikki Hernandez, Rick Thompson, Jamie Lowell, Charmie Gholsom, Ben Horner, Steve Sharpe, the children and their parents who testified to compelling medical stories saving their childrens’ lives; Representative Kowall, (and Representative Calton for 4271) and the increasing sophistication of the community as a whole.
If these both pass the Senate and are signed by Governor Snyder they would provide for possession of 72 fluid ounces of cannabis infused liquid, 16 ounces of solid, and 7 grams if in gaseous form, e.g. vapor balloons; sales between provisioning centers, sales of overages from Caregivers to provisioning centers, and provisioning center sales of cannabis or medible or oil, to any patient.
But also S.B. 660 passed, which is the Prarie Plant Systems Monopoly bill rescheduling cannabis to schedule under state law, and requiring federal authorization, either rescheduling it to schedule 2, or a federal exemption.  This was fast tracked through the Senate, and already passed the Senate, where it must return  for reconciliation, as amendments attached.  Monopoly rears its ugly head here, pharmacies would dispense medical grade cannabis with testing for everything from metals, to pesticides, and percentages of compounds CBD to THC, etc.


  1. This seems like a GREAT bill for the State of Michigan…if what I’m comprehending is correct. What I read is that this bill sets limits for medibles of all forms, solid food to liquid oil to vapor in a balloon and re-legalizes them. Also I read this is going to allow dispensaries to sell marijuana and medibles, and allow caregivers to legally sell overages to the dispensaries. I don’t quite understand the SB 660 part. Is it saying there is a request to reschedule cannibas under state law to either II or lower? And mandates dispensaries and pharmacies, assuming it now legal for them to dispense marijuana, to test for heavy metal toxins, pesticides, pathogens and THC/CBD percentages? If so great! If not, what am I reading wrong?

    • cannabis-admin

      SB 660 is not helpful for public health, in that it is a big business power grab, and big business is no friend to patients, being the instigators and beneficiaries of cannabis prohibition for a century. SB 660 does not take effect unless the federal government reschedules marijuana to schedule 2, but cannabis does not belong on any schedule at all, and ought to be DE-scheduled. HB 4271 the Provisioning Center Act is the one that is best for patients’ public health. HB 5104 is helpful for patients too, and like 4271, both need to be passed for the most ill patients especially. I am so sick of these lame opponents who think that if you are not on your deathbed you don’t deserve your choice of herbal medicine, for example athletes are being pushed by our judges toward pharmaceuticals in effect. They act as if athletes do not suffer severe and chronic pain, or rather since they cannot deny that they do, it is pushing pharmaceuticals on to our athletes, practicing medicine without a license.

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