Establishing Standards by Matthew Abel | July 6, 2017

Establishing StandardsThe popularity of concentrates is on the rise, and so are the regulatory standards of the industry

The market of medical cannabis oils, waxes and concentrates is developing and maturing in Michigan. It seems that nationwide, concentrates continue to be a major growth area for the cannabis industry. Sales of those products are up over 25 percent in some states, and Michigan is no different. Vape pens continue to see increased availability and use, partly due to the convenience and discretion provided. Leaky cartridges have become the rare exception, and consumers are offered more choices in brands, varieties, while containing terpenes and other flavor additives.

Since many cannabis concentrates are inhaled, dosage can easily be regulated, or titrated, by the consumer contemporaneous with use. Other concentrates that are ingested can vary greatly in dosage, causing both overdosing and underdosing problems. One great benefit of moving to a market of tested products is the increased ability to achieve a proper dose, and avoiding the problems that can occur when that does not happen. (It is hard to know the effect of a standard 10mg dose of THCA until testing standards have been implemented.) For more information:

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