The Future is Still Hazy for Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries by Conner McNeely 12/4/17

Metro Detroit developed somewhat of a fairly large green thumb soon after Michigan voters legalized cannabis for medical use in 2008. Green crosses, signifying the location of marijuana dispensaries, sprouted along 8 Mile Road like competing convenience stores.

Last year, as many as 280-plus dispensaries were reported operating in Detroit alone. But more recently, many had shuttered, and more faced a deadline to close by Dec. 15 — the day the Michigan Medical Marihuana Licensing Board (they spell it with an “h”) starts accepting applications for licenses in categories such as growing, processing, selling, testing, and securely transporting marijuana and cannabis-based products.

“Next year, once we have licensed facilities, those provision centers will be able to sell to anyone with a card without fear of prosecution, at least under state law,” says Matthew Abel of Cannabis Counsel, a Michigan law firm. (The “under state law” caveat is because marijuana is still forbidden by federal law. But that’s another can of worms.). For more information:

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