Ann M. Cisco

Ann M. Cisco

Ms. Ann Cisco is a partner at the Cannabis Counsel, PLC law firm. Cisco is a tireless and fearless champion for the rights of medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and others whose only “crime” is to use medical marijuana, which a natural herb, to treat serious and debilitating medical conditions.

Cisco has 25 years of experience in the federal and state trial and appellate courts where she developed a highly diversified set of legal skills.  In 1985, she graduated cum laude at Wayne State University Law School. While attending law school, she clerked at the Senior Citizens Legal Aid Clinic and the business firm of Kramer, Mellon, Wagner, & Ishbia.  Following graduation, she was admitted into the federal and state courts of Michigan where she worked as a law clerk for the Michigan Court of Appeals and as an associate attorney at Garan, Lucow, & Miller, developing immense expertise as an appellate attorney.  Later, she practiced law in Los Angeles, California at Millard, Stack & Stevens, focusing on contract law litigated via declaratory judgments in the federal courts.

Seeking a life not dominated by the hustle and bustle of the 101 freeway, Cisco chose the cornfields of Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she became a partner at White & Johnson, P.C. She handled the majority of the firm’s appeals, and concentrated in employment law litigation, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Whistle Blowers Statutes, state and federal civil rights laws (race, sex, disability discrimination) and also advised employers how to create a just work place.

After returning to Michigan, Cisco served as an advocate for students with learning and other disabilities. During this time, she fought the practice in certain school administrations of labeling students as “trouble makers” rather than recognizing and accommodating the student’s learning disabilities.

At Cannabis Counsel, Cisco is again in a position of advocacy. Here, she advocates for patients and caregivers who are prosecuted for using, growing, and possessing marijuana. When defending a case, she works tirelessly and leaves no stone unturned.