Michigan Marijuana Industrial Park Sells Out 63 Acres, Forbes, by Mona Zhang 1/29/18

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A marijuana industrial park in Windsor Township, Mich. has sold out of all 10 lots of its first phase of development, totaling 63 acres. Harvest Park, a planned 130-acre development that will house state-licensed medical cannabis businesses, announced that the adjacent 67 acres are now on sale as part of its second phase.  For more information:...

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Poll: 57% of Michigan voters back recreational marijuana legalization Marijuana Business Daily 1/24/18

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With a statewide ballot measure in Michigan likely to go before voters in November, the campaign working on the initiative just got some good news. For more information:

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Bay City Commission Overrides Mayoral Veto On Medical Marijuana by John Hall 1/3/17

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On an eight to one vote Monday, Bay City Commissioners overrode Mayor Kathleen Newsham’s veto of recently enacted ordinance language governing the establishment of medical marijuana facilities. For more information:

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Application Window Now Open By: Caroline Cahill 12/15/17

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While the Wolverine State has had regulatory growing pains in launching its emergency marijuana rules, the Michigan medical marijuana application window is now open.  For more info:

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The Future is Still Hazy for Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries by Conner McNeely 12/4/17

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Metro Detroit developed somewhat of a fairly large green thumb soon after Michigan voters legalized cannabis for medical use in 2008. Green crosses, signifying the location of marijuana dispensaries, sprouted along 8 Mile Road like competing convenience stores. Last year, as many as 280-plus dispensaries were reported operating in Detroit alone. But more recently, many had shuttered, and more faced a deadline to close by Dec. 15 — the day the Michigan Medical Marihuana Licensing Board (they spell it with an “h”) starts accepting...

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What you need to know about the new roadside drug tests by Kate Wells, 11/8/17

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Michigan Radio: Starting today, law enforcement in five counties are piloting a new roadside drug test that analyzes saliva swabs for marijuana, opioids, meth, and other drugs above a certain threshold.  For more information:

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Marijuana on the Michigan Ballot: It’s Going Down November 7th

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The battle for marijuana heats up in Michigan on November 7 when voters hit the polls. While citizens won’t have a chance yet to vote on recreational marijuana—whose proposal by the Committee to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) has reached the 300,000 signature mark—they will have the opportunity to vote on two separate proposals put forth by the Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform.  For more information:...

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Week in Review: Michigan’s pricey plan, marijuana capital raises jump, PA grower gets thumbs up by B.Schaneman, J. Schroyer and O. Sacirbey 10/20/17

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“Michigan regulators propose steep capital requirements for medical marijuana businesses, cannabis funding deals skyrocket,….Matt Abel, a Detroit cannabis attorney, views the “trial balloon” rules as “absolutely” a barrier to entry for those seeking a license. If approved, he added, they could stifle competition by keeping small players out of the market…” For more information:...

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While marijuana remains banned, WADA reverses course on hemp-derived compound CBD by Marissa Payne 10/5/17

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UFC star Nate Diaz can soon breath a sigh of relief in between draws from his vape pen. Late last month, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD, an anti-inflammatory compound derived from cannabis, from its 2018 prohibited substances list. “Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited,” WADA said in a Sept. 29 statement, warning, however, that THC, the chemical compound in cannabis that can contribute to euphoric psychoactive effects, remains banned. For more...

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Pot shop closes as state targets dispensaries by Michael Gerstein, Det News 9/8/17

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Despite Bailey’s claim that current dispensaries are illegal, the state has allowed such businesses to operate under the radar since Michigan voters approved a referendum in 2008 to allow marijuana for medical use. A spokesman for the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs previously declined to say whether the state Medical Marihuana Licensing Board or LARA have the authority to close them. But the department can issue “emergency rules.” Matthew Abel, a criminal defense lawyer in Detroit who specializes in marijuana cases, said...

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