Marijuana Defense

Cannabis Counsel: Experienced Defense in Marijuana Cases

Skilled Legal Representation for Marijuana Defendants Throughout Michigan

Are you considering fighting the marijuana criminal charges against you?

Don’t go it alone. You could have a loyal confidant and fearless litigator on your side by contacting a defense lawyer in Michigan who has consistently been on the right side of marijuana legal issues.

Cannabis Counsel, PLC, in Detroit is a recognized authority on the science of marijuana consumption and the constitutionality of laws governing it. Cannabis Counsel lawyers believe in the legitimacy of individual use and the need for elimination of all criminalization of marijuana defendants, in Michigan and throughout the U.S.

Founder, attorney Matthew Abel for more than 20 years, has protected the rights of his clients in cases involving:

  • Marijuana Possession
  • Marijuana Trafficking
  • Marijuana Distribution
  • Marijuana Cultivation (“grow house”)
  • Marijuana Importation
  • Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia

Attorney Abel and his partners of Cannabis Counsel, fully understands the personal crisis you are facing. Cannabis Counsel lawyers know the penalties you are facing if you are convicted. Cannabis Counsel is a tireless crusader for your right to medical use and religious use of marijuana. If you are merely a recreational user, Cannabis Counsel years of service, courtroom skills and knowledge of due process to your side.

If you were doubly victimized by asset forfeiture as a result of your arrest, or if you are a Michigan college student arrested for a marijuana offense, please contact us right away. We work hard to make sure that our legal services are effective and cost-sensitive.

You can also e-mail or call the Cannabis Counsel law office in Detroit. Meeting schedules are kept flexible for your convenience, 313.446.2235

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