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Matthew Abel on “How AG Sessions’ Marijuana Reversal Will Affect Michigan”

Could the decision actually push Congress closer to legalizing marijuana?

Late last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions removed an Obama-era rule that instructed federal drug authorities not to pursue cases that involved marijuana.

Recreational marijuana has been legalized in a handful of states — including Colorado, Alaska, and California. And, of course, medical marijuana is legal here in Michigan. The question of legalizing marijuana could also be on the ballot this fall in Michigan.

Jeff Sessions’ decision does a few significant things. First, it makes good on his long-standing crusade against legal marijuana.

Second, it throws into question the future of legal action against marijuana users, caregivers, and distributors.

Finally, it perhaps opens a window for lawmakers of all stripes to unite behind legalization of marijuana on a broad scale.

Matthew Abel is a Detroit-area marijuana advocate, attorney, and the executive director of the Michigan chapter of NORML, which advocates for the liberalization of cannabis laws. He joins Detroit Today to talk about the effect of Sessions’ decision here in Michigan.

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