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Advising LARA: Writing the MMFLA

Advising LARA
Cannabis Counsel® founding partners Matthew Abel  and Thomas Lavigine were both selected as some of the few industry experts to advise Michigan's Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau (LARA). 


Writing the MMFLA

Abel and Lavigne also assisted with the development of the various licence types and regulatory infrastructure for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Licencing Act (MMFLA).


Abel served as one of the appointees to the work group advising on the development of rules for provisioning facilities, while Lavigne was appointed to the work group determining regulations for processing.


Committees were comprised of 15-20 experts from the canna-business and legal community who met to advise LARA on the development of specific policies and procedures for a safe, reasonable, and accessible medical marijuana business environment. While serving on these committees Abel and Lavigne worked to protect the rights and interests of patients and small business owners.

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