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Cannabis Business Compliance

S.O.P. Drafting, Training, & Evaluations

All cannabis companies are required to have CRA approved Standard Operating Procedures for a wide range of processes and activities at their business. From product chain of custody and security measures, to cleanliness procedures and more, Cannabis Counsel® has helped many clients develop appropriate and successful procedures. Once SOPs are developed, our Compliance Team is ready to visit your store to prepare employees for success with in-person training and evaluations.

Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory environment in the Michigan cannabis industry is changing on a seemingly weekly basis. Business owners already have enough to worry about each day without having to keep up with the latest CRA bulletin. Our marijuana lawyers and professional team keeps up with the latest regulatory requirements so you don’t have to. In addition to regular compliance audits, the Cannabis Counsel® Compliance Team can help you understand the changing regulatory environment so your businesses can avoid costly regulatory oversight from the CRA down the road.

Compliance Audits

Our industry professionals and marijuana lawyers stay up to date on the latest CRA regulations so you don't have to. Regular compliance audits by our trained staff can be the difference between keeping your doors open and temporary closure in an industry where minor oversights can lead to large fines.

CRA regulations mandate specific advertising, packaging, labeling, transportation, and testing protocols for marijuana businesses, and Cannabis Counsel® helps our clients draft and execute specific required plans that meet these requirements.


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