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..."the law firm that worked tirelessly to legalize it."  Cannabis Counsel® got its start in 1999, with Matthew Abel, its founder, who has been working and organizing to legalize cannabis since the early nineties.   


The firm is a museum of the movement; and carries with it the history of legalization, hosting political action meetings for years with the object of legalizing cannabis in Michigan, out from which sprouted the victory of legalization.


We are a  specialized team of cannabis business and defense attorneys with a passion, and a track record, for protecting and promoting medical and recreational cannabis businesses and campaigning for legal adult use of cannabis in Michigan, and nationwide.

Our in-depth knowledge of cannabis regulations and personal relationships at every level government has enabled Cannabis Counsel® to help hundreds of entrepreneurs take the first steps into the legal cannabis market. If you are interested in growing cannabis commercially, operating a distribution center, or participating the the legal cannabis market in some other way, our attorneys have the professional expertise and relationships to help your canna-business grow year after year.



Cannabis Counsel® is America’s first law firm dedicated solely to cannabis law with specialties including: business law, criminal defense, intellectual property,  copyright & trademark law, municipal law, lobbying, zoning, and other areas of legal practice related to cannabis businesses. Cannabis Counsel® currently operates with five attorneys and five Of Counsel affiliates including: Aspen, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, and Ann Arbor, MI. 

Our attorneys have long been active members in the decades-long fight to legalize responsible adult use of cannabis. Our partners are all board members and leaders in multiple organizations dedicated to the reform of marijuana laws, both here in Michigan and nationwide.

Our firm has provided legal counsel to the highest authorities in Michigan, including LARA, the Governor, and the Attorney General to City Council's and Mayors. Proudly, we have helped draft cannabis legislation and regulations for all levels of government. 

Cannabis Counsel’s® campaign and advocacy work includes: drafting portions of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008, and the recently passed 2018 Michigan Recreational Legalization Initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

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