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$1.6 Million In the First Week.

Many municipalities wanted to "wait and see" how recreational marihuana sales would go in Michigan. It went well:

Long lines, heavy demand, temporary shortages and purchase limits highlighted the first week of recreational marijuana sales in Michigan when a handful of licensed businesses rang up $1.63 million in sales.

When we say it went well, it probably helps to quantify that statement. It went well for everyone:

That translates to nearly $270,414 in tax revenue for Michigan between Dec. 1 and Dec. 8, including a 10% excise and 6% sales tax.

Is your local town or business profiting from this small business gold rush? Probably not:

Nearly 1,400 of Michigan’s 1,773 cities, townships and villages not allowing recreational marijuana business in their communities.

Might want to talk to your local elected officials. Seems like their wait and see attitude is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. But hey, you can speak loudly with your vote.

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