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Cannabis Counsel® 2023 Industry Events

Hello everyone and welcome to the New Year! We are looking forward to an exciting year in 2023, as Michigan’s cannabis industry continues to mature into one of the most valuable markets in the country. In the spirit of building connections and fostering conversations about our industry, Cannabis Counsel® Law Firm will be hosting several events at our historic offices on Jefferson Ave in Detroit.

Privately owned and cannabis friendly, guests at our public events are free to smoke and share their own cannabis. No sales of cannabis products are permitted at our offices. However, if you are a brand looking to promote your products or services by sponsoring one or some of our events, please contact me by email and set up a meeting!

Pre-CRA Quarterly Meeting Roundtable

The CRA is required by law to host quarterly meetings throughout the year. These dates are published, and you can find the dates in the bulletin here. Options to attend the meetings via ZOOM will be provided by the CRA as the dates approach, and you can join our mailing list for regular updates including links to CRA events as they are published.

This year, one week before these quarterly meetings Cannabis Counsel® will be hosting an Industry Roundtable event where we can discuss the latest issues in the industry and prepare to shape the conversation at these essential regulatory meetings.

November 30th Quarterly Roundtable (May possibly be combined with the December

6th Annual Legalization Day Party)

Industry Conference Events

Starting in May this year there will be two industry conferences coming to Detroit. First the Cannabis Industry Expo & Conference taking place August 4-6, then CannaCon Detroit October 6th & 7th. At each conference, Cannabis Counsel® will host our own 4:20 Networking & Smoke Sesh at our privately owned, off-site law offices one mile down Jefferson from Cobo Hall.

Annual December 6th Legalization Day Party

Each December Cannabis Counsel® Law Firm hosts our Annual December 6th Legalization Day Party in celebration of the decades long battle to end marijuana prohibition in Michigan. We invite our friends and family across the activist community and cannabis industry to join us as we rejoice in how far we have come and prepare for the many battles ahead.

The Location

Dating back to the 1860’s, 2930 E. Jefferson has lived many lives over the past 150+ years. Originally farm property owned by the Campau Family, the building has previously served as a boarding house for single workers, a blind pig during alcohol prohibition, and the home of WWWW (W4) Radio Station where legendary shock jock Howard Stern got his start on radio. Stern toking up live on air with guests must have been foreshadowing for the building's future, because in 2010 it became the home of Cannabis Counsel® Law Firm’s new offices.

Full of energy and fresh off the victory of the 2008 Michigan Medical Marihuana Petition, the Cannabis Counsel® law offices became a focal point for cannabis activism in Michigan. Regular political action meetings turned into several petition drives for legalization, culminating in the successful 2018 Constitutional Amendment to legalize adult cannabis use in Michigan. Over the past 13 years elected officials from town council members to future Governors have visited Cannabis Counsel to meet the movers and shakers and learn about our industry.

We look forward to seeing all of you there!

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