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Happy Holidaze?

Over a year after Michigan voters legalized cannabis, and less than a week before it was formally legalized, Michigan will finally be able to buy recreational marihuana legally. It's possible, says the state.

The change came when the Marijuana Regulatory Agency on Wednesday told medical marijuana businesses, including growers and processors, that they can transfer 50% of their inventory to the recreational market beginning on Dec. 1 as long as they've received a recreational license from the state.
[...]That means that marijuana flower, which is the best-selling product at dispensaries and has been in limited supply for months, may not be available when a recreational marijuana retailer begins sales. Products that could be readily available include marijuana-infused edibles and lotions, vapes and other forms of marijuana concentrates.

Our own Matt Abel, Senior Partner and newly elected State Bar of Michigan Marihuana Law Section Chair, told WWJ:

"I don’t see any downside, really, to more people consuming marijuana because, generally, it’s a substitute to harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco and opioids," Abel told WWJ. "So the more marijuana we have in the community, probably the less those substances will be consumed."
Abel says the official start of recreational marijuana sales in Michigan -- a little more than a year after residents voted to legalize it -- means the state will begin collecting a 10% excise tax, as well as the 6% sales tax.
"So the revenue will begin to flow on that," Abel said.

Your holiday office party just became fun again. Thanks democracy!

Want to get in on this action? Join us Friday for our seminar. You can learn from Cannabis Counsel attorneys how to get a license to operate a marihuana business.

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