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State Licensing Step III: Operating Procedures, Inspection, & Final Approval

If you want to own a cannabis business in Michigan, there are a few things it helps to know about the application process.

There are 3 main parts to the application process. The state prequalification application phase, the municipal application/certificate of occupancy phase, and the state facility application phase. The applications must be completed in this order.

This is Part III of a three part series on the application process. You can find Part II here.

In order to complete the final step of obtaining your license, the state facility application, you’ll need to draw up several business plans required by the state, including Technology, Inventory/Recordkeeping, and Marketing Plans. You will also need a detailed Staffing Plan containing 5 parts, such as Job Descriptions, Hiring, and Training. You will moreover need to have a Business Location Plan, which requires drawings (a Site Plan, Floor Plan and a Security Plan). We work hand-in-hand with our clients drafting compliant drawings and narratives for the Security and Business Location Plans.

In addition, there are numerous drawings required for the Bureau of Fire Services (BFS) inspection, which is required to obtain the state license. We assist our clients in all aspects of this BFS inspection process as well as attending the BFS Inspection. We also attend the state inspection, which often happens at the same time as the BFS inspection.

It is essential to note that you are required to have up-to-date written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on site at all times. Standard operating procedures must detail the cannabis business operations and activities necessary for the cannabis business to comply with state law and its corresponding administrative rules, as well as local regulation and rules. These SOPs are something we regularly provide for our clients. It is integral that you train your staff on how to implement your SOPs.

All plans, drawings, and the remainder of the state facility application are submitted to the state once everything is built-out and prepared for the state and BFS inspections. It is crucial at this point to review all the requirements before state inspection. Our cannabis attorneys and experienced staff work with clients at in-person and digital training sessions to improve our clients performance when it comes time for the state to make their final inspections.

After submitting your application and passing your inspection, it is time to prepare for your grand opening - once your application is approved and you pay the state licensing fee, you’ll receive your license!

As pioneers in the Michigan cannabis industry, we would love to help you in this process as you seek a cannabis facility license. Please contact us to start your licensing journey today.

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