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Details Matter in this "Vaping" Hysteria

There have been a lot of discussions about "vaping" and the deaths caused by tainted cartridges. Here in Detroit, a 17 year old kid needed a double lung transplant to save his life:

A 17-year-old boy whose lungs were irreversibly damaged by vaping received a double-lung transplant at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, a lifesaving measure taken when a patient’s own lungs are diseased or damaged beyond repair and there is no other hope of survival, doctors said on Tuesday.
Without the transplant, performed last month, the patient “would have faced certain death,” Dr. Hassan Nemeh, who led the surgical team, said during a news conference at the hospital.

Congratulations to Dr. Nemeh and his team. Truly an inspiration, and a reminder why every tax payer benefits from other people's student loans.

The problem is that the media has lazily blamed "vaping." As pointed out by Charles Cooke on Twitter:

Exactly. It's not "vaping" that is causing the problem, its black market vapes created by someone who does not know what they are doing. Some of the criticism has fallen on cannabis, because some of these black market vapes purportedly contained cannabis.

If you want to be safe, don't buy black market vapes. Make sure you're buying things that are tested. Personally, I far prefer dry flower vapes to concentrates. Go with those if you are concerned. But above all else, be specific in your language.

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