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Detroit made a huge mistake, but if you already applied it doesn't matter.

The Detroit City Counsel added to their historical list of bad decisions yesterday by deciding to "opt-out" of recreational Cannabis Luckily, while everyone but the city council themselves think this is a dumb idea, according to the MRA, this doesn't matter. According to the Metro Times:

But according to the state law that legalized recreational marijuana, the MRA “shall approve a state license application” if the proposed business applies before a community imposes a ban and meets all of the qualifications.

MRA spokesman David Harns confirmed to Metro Times that businesses that applied before the ban are eligible for a license.

“If we receive an application and there was no prohibitive ordinance in place, that application wold be granted if all of the criteria is met,” Harns says.

We concur with the MRA findings. Applications are considered based on facts at the time of application, not the circumstances with an ex post facto ordinance. If you are one of the newly minted "Marijuana sales locations" in the city of Detroit, it looks like a very happy holiday indeed.

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