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Flint Considers Closing Four More Schools But Doesn't Want Revenue From Recreational Cannabis

Hot off the heels of the Flint City council's decision to opt out of recreational cannabis, the school board is having revenue problems. That SUUUUUURE sounds like Flint to me! From ABC 12:

The proposal from Superintendent Derrick Lopez calls for closing four more schools, including Eisenhower, Scott and Pierce elementary schools. The Flint Northwestern campus would be converted to a "district facilities hub."
Flint Community Schools is dealing with a $5 million budget deficit, which Lopez is working to erase. He said the district's main problem is enrollment.

Councilwoman Monica Galloway opted out because she was concerned her "grandbabies" might smell pot smoke. So now the question of "What does pot smoke smell like?" will be merely among the things that her grandbabies will not learn, along with the basic skills to function as a citizen in this society.

Government is paralyzed by fear. Debt and deficits are completely out of control at the state and federal level, but no politicians have the courage to secure revenue. Many seem to think that citizens should not pay for government at all. We are in a dangerous place.

Many people understandably have empathy for Flint, after the state government poisoned their population in either a deliberate act or pure negligence (end result is the same, really). Those of us who spent years there know that the city simply cannot get out of its own way. This is just the latest.

The word "stupid" is both overused and underused at the same time.

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