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In this context, what do you mean by "political"?

Pure Roots, LLC is trying to open up a marihuana business in Warren, Mi that would employ 100 people. The local government in Warren is resisting their efforts.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

Pure Roots sued the city and presented a "secret recording" as evidence.

A secret recording was played in a Macomb County courtroom Friday in connection with the ongoing drama surrounding licensing marijuana facilities in Warren.
"The best I can do for you is when you sue, I'll tell the truth. That's the best I can do because that's my policy anyway, right? I'm not going to lie to the court, I'll tell them I was against it for political reasons. It had nothing to do with the value of your application."
According to a lawsuit, the recording is of Warren City Councilman Ron Papandrea.

The article from WDIV does not say specifically what the Councilman was allegedly suggesting. Seems strange to deny Pure Roots a license for "political reasons" when 57% of Michigan residents voted to legalize marihuana for recreational use. What overcomes the "political reasons"? How does a person seeking a license in Warren address this concern? I'm almost afraid to ask.

We should caution that there are two sides to almost every story, but this is not a good look for the City of Warren. Elected officials and local government should not make licensing decisions based on "political reasons."

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