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Matt Abel interview with WDET on Marihuana business.

Our own Matt Abel answered questions for WDET about the booming Michigan marihuana business:

"Long-time advocate and attorney Matthew Abel says Lansing hasn’t always been on the right footing when it comes to introducing marijuana to the market.
'The Snyder administration kind of did a ham-handed roll out of this program,' Abel says. 'The proper way to do it would have been to license the growers first since the product takes three or four months to grow it, harvest it, and cure it.'
Abel says it’s still hard for large-scale growers to get licenses.
'For another two and a half years or so, we’re only going to have companies which already have medical licenses eligible for the [recreation] except for the two smallest licenses.'"

If you want to enter the growing business you need someone who knows how to navigate the state regulatory rules. Come to our seminar Oct 18 and we will answer all your questions.

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