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"Vaping" is not the problem.

Americans have a difficult time learning lessons. We're having this problem again as the general term "vaping" becomes the latest scapegoat / boogieman. It's annoying. We seem to be fully incapable of having difficult conversations in this country. You cannot solve a problem without diagnosing it.

But there’s one significant problem: The doctors refused to say what exactly the patient had been vaping. So how does the public know what to avoid?

With all due respect to the Metro Times, that's NOT the problem. There is a specific problem with black market vaping cartridges that have are harmful to those who use them. That's a black market problem, not a cannabis or nicotine problem. Onward:

There are two very different kinds of vaping – nicotine and cannabis, or marijuana. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has targeted flavored nicotine vaping products, and became one of the first governors to call for their ban, citing a rise of teen vaping. But cannabis vaping has been linked to a spate of deadly injuries that have killed 40 people and sickened more than 2,000 others. On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified vitamin E acetate — a popular additive in black market cannabis vape cartridges — as a "very strong culprit" behind the lung injuries.

Vitamin E is not present in legal cannabis products, nor is it in legal nicotine cartridges. Seems like vitamin E is the problem, not vaping itself. Any person who uses black market products puts themselves at risk. Smearing the legal market that has been tested for safety does not help the confusion surrounding this problem.

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