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You Can Apply For Recreational Licenses Now.

The state is accepting applications for recreational marihuana licenses. If you live in one of the sane communities in Michigan who did not opt out. From Crain's:

As of Oct. 25, 1,201 of Michigan's 1,773 cities, townships and other municipalities have opted out. Because they can opt in and out whenever they choose, many communities are taking a "wait and see" approach.

If you live in one of the sane communities, get your application in ASAP. David Harns, spokesperson for the MRA said:

"If we receive an application, and a local community does not have a prohibitive ordinance in place on the day we receive it, then we will issue a license to that applicant if they meet all the other criteria," Harns said.

It is hard to make sense of Detroit's new reasoning:

The city of Detroit, for example, is considering opting out temporarily until it enacts an ordinance that would benefit residents and those hurt by past marijuana crackdowns. The ordinance, being drafted by Councilman James Tate, piggybacks off the state's social equity program, which provides discounts on license fees for those with marijuana convictions, people living in disproportionately impacted areas and marijuana caregivers.

The state already has the social equity program. The city claims they need to opt out so they can write a redundant and unnecessary ordinance. How does that help the people hurt by marihuana crackdowns? Honestly, how does that help anyone at all? And could they clarify the use of "piggybacking" in this instance, and explain why they feel its necessary?

If the state is going to put questions like recreational marihuana to a vote, why ignore the actual will of the voters?

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